Granular Cleaner ApplicationExtend the life and efficiency of your water system with our cost-effective, chemical cleaning solutions.

Blue Earth Labs® combines chemistry with commitment, innovation and expertise to deliver simple, cost-effective water infrastructure solutions to customers across the globe. Our comprehensive chemical cleaning approach treats the underlying problem of organic and inorganic deposit formation. We provide powerful, NSF 60 chemical cleaning solutions that remove and prevent the films and scales that cause a majority of water quality concerns and infrastructure issues. Contact us to find out more about Blue Earth Labs.

Municipal Water Treatment

Improve system performance, extend operational life and ensure regulatory compliance with Blue Earth Labs proprietary cleaning solutions specifically engineered to remove organic and inorganic deposits from tanks, filters, filter media, distribution pipes – virtually all water treatment infrastructures.

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Commercial Water Treatment

Our product, Clearitas®, is being used in commercial applications extending from cooling towers and heat exchanger units to hospitals and healthcare facilities, food processing plants, agricultural enterprises and hotels and restaurants.

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